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Our mission is to provide easy to use practical software programs and that ordinary law enforcement officers can use during crime scene investigation. Our software does more, does it more easily and does it faster than any other crime scene software on the market.


"Great Program. I enjoy the use of the On Scene Forensic program with my investigations. I find that the ability to log all of my information into one program, i.e. blood spatter, transfer stains, projectile impacts, victim information/statements, and witness information/statements helps keep everything in one simple efficient organized report. I can then print this report and refrain from constantly flipping through my files later because the information is right there in front of me. The included ability to couple pictures with the information provides a visual aspect to the report and is a great feature. It is my belief that you have "hit a homerun" with the program. I thank you for producing this product that assists me with my investigations."

Det Keith Drozd

Killeen Police Department, Crimes Against Persons Section


"Often crime scenes have multiple types of blood patterns and may also be located in several areas of a crime scene. The program helps isolate descriptions and evaluations of each pattern for future reference. It is sufficiently concise to make it immediately useful."

James O. Pex, M.S.

Diplomat - American Board of Criminalistics

Pex Forensic Consulting

North Bend, Oregon


"This portable system allows quick and convenient entry of raw data at a crime scene and performs accurate calculations for bloodstain evidence. It is especially useful to have so many kinds of data available on a single platform."

Michael Sweet
Bloodstain Pattern Analyst
Crime scene reconstruction
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.




"The On Scene Forensics: Crime Scene Command program is a boon to the field of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis.  It is of special value to smaller departments or those with limited or no bloodstain pattern analyst on staff.  This user-friendly program, with minimal training, will allow data to be collected in the field by any officer and analyzed at a later time by a trained bloodstain pattern examiner.  If this type of information gathering program had been utilized by the investigating agencies on cases which I have been ask to consult, a more complete picture of the events would have been possible, thus allowing a greater chance that justice would occur."  

Lawrence Lee Renner,

Certified Bloodstain Pattern Examiner

Santa Fe, New Mexico


"The software is straight forward and easy to use.  The investigator is able to produce professional appearing results with a few key strokes."

Ed Hueske, Criminalist

Criminalists and Blood Pattern Expert Witness

Forensic Training & Consulting, LLC

Dallas Texas




"I used the On Scene Blood Spatter Calculator on a homicide scene in April (2006). It was great. My partner called out the measurements while I punched in the numbers on the program. It made the process much faster and easier."

John Conners, Criminalist

Montgomery County Police Crime Lab

Montgomery County MD


"It's a practical answer to a subject perceived as complicated. An officer, either a first responder or a detective, merely plugs in a few measurements and the dreaded math calculations are performed for him/her. Best of all, a record is generated of a wealth of materials, if the entire program is used; including witnesses, suspects, an evidence log, photo log and bloodstains. And it's all in one complete report.
Several of the students, mostly detectives from a variety of jurisdictions, expressed a great deal of interest in downloading the trial program, with the intent of evaluating the program for their department."

Thomas Hanratty

Forensics Instructor

Wisconsin Technical College System

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Blood Pattern Articles by Louis L. Akin, Crime Scene Command creator.