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Crime Scene Command is a complete crime scene software package constructed on the principle that if it is easy to use officers will use it. The blood pattern page automatically calculates the angles of impact and points of origin of blood patterns and the shooting reconstruction page automatically calculates the caliber and trajectory of bullet holes. This crime scene software is designed for law enforcement officers to use at the scene of violent crimes to collect evidence not only of blood patterns and bullet holes, but to keep track of every piece of evidence that is collected from the scene.


In addition to calculating blood patterns and bullet trajectories, Crime Scene Command software has a personnel sign in sheet and forms for collecting medicolegal information on victims as well as taking statements from witnesses and suspects. It's all in one place and can be emailed or printed in a Word document or stored on the hard drive.


Officers who understand basic blood pattern analysis won't need to attend schools or seminars to use this crime scene software. For those who havenít had the basis blood pattern analysis course, we offer onsite and online demonstrations of how to use the software to collect blood pattern and bullet trajectory evidence at scenes.


The medicolegal death investigation version of the software includes medical examiner information and a time since death calculator.


Simply put, this software was designed to be used by law enforcement officers at the scenes of crimes and not by computer nerds in offices.

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